Better Performance Through Collaboration

FiloCell was borne out of, and thrives on, collaborative research. That’s why Kruger Biomaterials has been working with industrial and research partners over the past several years to further develop and adapt our product.

Collaboration is paramount to our team because we know how involving it is to  incorporate FiloCell into new products. That’s why we like to discuss partnerships, open innovation and collaboration with our customers and research partners.

Business Community

Methodically validating FiloCell’s value proposition is very important. So in addition to technical considerations, we help our partners identify and quantify all of the benefits that will contribute to their products’ competitiveness.

In addition to leveraging our wide network of research and commercial partners, Kruger Biomaterials is also open to risk sharing and can provide technical and financial resources as part of a partnership.

Research Community

We are already working closely with about 10  world-class universities, as well as numerous research labs and institutions recognized in their respective fields. Our team is always on the lookout for specific expertise and is keen on building new partnerships to push FiloCell’s numerous applications even further.

Kruger Inc. Benefits

As any of our current customers can attest, there are many benefits to working with Kruger Inc. Whether you need transportation logistics expertise, want to leverage our wide network of suppliers and clientele, require after-sales service and technical support, or are looking for ways you can adapt FiloCell to better meet your needs, you can count on our well-established network of resources.

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