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The product

80 to 300 nanometers (wide) and up to a millimeter (long).

A Revolutionary Biomaterial

Cellulose Filament (CF), a new biomaterial, is extracted from wood pulp fiber using a chemical and enzyme-free process. The gentle process produces very thin filaments which are comparable to the length of the original wood fiber.

Unique Properties

Cellulose filaments are very flexible and light compared to other reinforcing material. Thanks to their high surface area, they have a unique bonding capacity that makes them an exceptional and environmentally friendly reinforcement additive.

FiloCellTM, New Generation Biomaterial

FiloCellTM is the trademark for the cellulose filaments produced and commercialized by Kruger Biomaterials Inc.

Variety of Applications

To complement its production and commercialization activities, Kruger Biomaterials Inc. allocates some of its production to R&D projects to develop new cellulose filament applications for other industries, including the automotive, marine, aerospace, oil and gas, cement and concrete, manufacturing, consumer products and electronics industries that could benefit from FiloCell’s exceptional properties.

Cellulose Filament Demonstration Plant

This revolutionary biomaterial is made at the world’s first cellulose filament demonstration plant at Kruger’s Trois‐Rivières Mill. The plant, commissioned in June 2014, has a 5-tonne/day production line.

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